Pusula Uluslararası Ticaret A.Ş. since 2006, it has been the Turkey representative and distributor of industrial raw materials, semi-finished products and machinery manufacturers in many countries of the world.

 » Enamels used for production of magnet wire 

» Polyesterimide varnish

» Polyamidimide varnish

» Polyuretane varnish

» Drum or IBC container packing

» Natural diamond wire drawing dies

» PCD wire drawing dies

» Compacting dies for cable production

» Tungsten carbide and enameling dies

» Refurbishing service

» Diamond Innovation or Sumitomo blank options

» Various casing options

» Production within requested tolerences

» PP tapes used for identifying each unit in Telephone cables

» PP tapes used for identifying each core in three-core power cables

» 3 mm width

» 110 mm spool inner diameter

» Single color ve double color

» Fiber glass roving used for fiber optical cables

» Fiber glass for energy cables

» Various deniers

» Water swelling fiber glass roving

» Suitables for dry cables

» Polyester based

» Flat or twisted options

» Requested spool lenghts

» Various dimensions for different type of enameling machines

» Paladium and platinum coated

» Energy saving

» Reactivation service for old catalists

» Lubricants for stell wire drawing process

» Calcium based lubricants

» Sodium based lubricants

» Media in our local stock


» Enameling machines for magnet wire production

» Horizontal enameling machines of medium and fine wire

» Vertical enameling machines for big round and flat wire

» Fiber glass coating machines

» Enameling machines for Aluminum magnet wire

» Tailor made enameling machines for customer needs

» Strength member used for production of Fiber optical cables 

» Various spool lenghts

» Various spool types

» 2,20 mm FRP rod available in stock

» 2,50 mm FRP rod available in stock

» 2,70 mm FRP rod available in stock

» Wool felts for magnet wire production

» Various dimensions

» Various densities

» Materials used for filtering the dirty water


» Materials used for filtering the filtering the emulsion oils

» Polyester based materials

» Various widths and lenghts

» Various weight and permeability

» Semi conductive water swelling tapes for Medium and High Voltage cables

» Semi conductive water swelling tapes used between or over conducters

» Non-conductive water swelling tapes for Medium and High Voltage cables

» Non-conductive water swelling tapes used over screen area » Water swelling tapes for Fiber optical cables

» Fastest swelling performance on the market with 15 seconds after contact with water

» Fast service with delivery from warehouse

» In-line diameter control devices

» Spool by spool quality control

» Measure up to 4 mm wire

» Blister check

» Insulation fault check

» Insulation fault tolerences setup option

» Wire quality classification

» Flat wire insulation fault and diameter control

» Dies and wire guides for cable production

» Carbide, hard metal, diamond insert options

» Tailor made extrusion heads

» Tailor made extrusion tools

» Tailor made screws

» Extrusion tools for fast lines

» Extrusion heads for HFFR, PVC, Foam skin

» Ceramic, coated pulleys & wire guides

»  Ceramic, Coated Pulleys & Wire Guides

»  HFFR – Halogen Free Flame Retardent Compound

» A2Z brand machines for all kind of filter production.

» Rotary Pleaters

» Blade Pleaters

» Minipleaters

» Zigzag rotary pleaters

» Cutting machines

» End-cap gluing machines

» Spiral tube production machines Carousels

»  Test equipments

» Please call us for all kind of filter machine inquiries.

» Welded F5,F6,F7,F8,F9 medias meet EN779 standards for production of pre-filters of ventilation systems

» Fast delivery from warehouse

» Medias for air filtration of vehiles and buildings

» Activated carbon fabrics with certificate and test reports

» Please call us for your specification inquiries.

» All kind of microglass medias for production of HEPA and ULPA Filters

» Local stock for certified products of Lydall Filtration brand.

» ASME-AG1 certified nuclear grades of Lydall

» Please call us for your specification inquiries.

» Hydrophobic, aluminum laminated versions

» Various slitted widths

» Various weights

» Various microns of pore sizes

» Contact us for your special demands


» Cellulosic papers used for air-oil-fuel filters at automotive industry.

» Best quality products from Neenah Gessner and alternative sources.

» Please call us for your specification inquiries.

» Certified test dusts (SOFT2-CA) in A2-A3-A4 classes, which are used by filter manufacturers in R&D and Quality Control stages, are avaliable in our stocks. 

» Contact us for your special demands.




» Machines for production of polpropylene packing and bailer yarns

» Machines for production of green house, agriculture and packing yarns

» Machines for production of polpropylene raffia ropes

» Machines for production of fishing, industrial, sport yarns

» Machines for production of binder yarns

» Machines for production of sack yarns

» Machines for production of green house yarns

» Machines for preparing the bobbins/arms of big diameter rope brading machines

» Machines for making arms from 6 mm to 31 mm


» Coiling and bobbin winder machines which winds the yarns on a coil or bobbins

» Yarn range between 5.000 dtex and 150.000 dtex

» Designed for extrusion lines

» Winding machines which gives options for fully-automatic, semi-automatic, single or four position options

» Braiding machines for production of polysteel ropes.

» Braiding machines for production of fishing, yatching, marine equipments.

» Braiding machines for production of polpropylene jut ropes.

» Braiding machines for production of raffia ropes.

» Braiding machines for production of marine ropes.

» Braiding machines for production of defence, resque, climbing, mountaineering, parachute, off-road ropes.

» Acoustic nonwowens of German manufacturer FREUDENBERG's brand "SOUNDTEX".

» For the production of ceiling systems.

» It has high acoustic parameters.

» It has black color with a hotmelt glue on the back.

» It has well performance on the process of bonding with aluminum plates/ceiling.

» One bobbin is 324 m2.

» One bobbin has 180 cm height and 180 rolling meter.

» Available at our warehouse.



» Nonwoven wall paper of German manufacturer LAHNPAPER's brand "VARITESS".

» Special nonwowens that can be digitally printed for decoration and walls.

» Special nonwowens for vinyl coated printing.

» Special nonwowens for direct printing.

» Special nonwowens for to dye.


» Medical grade PVC compounds (available on stock).

» PVC compounds for mask, tubing, connector, pump and medical disposable products.

» PVC compounds suitable for extrusion.

» PVC compounds suitable for packaging.

» PVC compounds suitable for shrink film.

» PVC compounds suitable for cosmetic bottles, packaging, boxes.

» Flexible PVC compounds.

»  HFFR – Halogen Free Flame Retardent Compound

» Fineblanking oils of German brand "HOLIFA"

» Fineblanking oils for fine blanking operations

» Oils for metal forming

» Packed in 250 kg drums or 1 ton IBCs.


» "SERVO" brand motor oils with Indian Oil Company experience

» Various packing alternatives

» Engine lubricants

» Industrial lubricants

» Ultra thin copper, copper alloys, nickel, nickel silver, resistance alloys and fine silver foils

» Superior quality with perfect surface treatment and cutting

» Copper foils for polyester lamination

» Ribbons for photovoltaic panels

» Ultra thin foils for fuses, capacitors, transformers, flexible printed circuit boards

» Available for speacial coating, thinckness, width and winding.

» İhtiyaca yönelik kaplama çeşidi, kalınlık, genişlik, sarım şekli ile folyo alternatifleri

» For recycling of coolant oils at aluminium sheet & foil production through filtration systems of the machines

» Fine filtration performance

» Increasing filtration efficiency

» Best performance achieved when used together with JR SCHNEIDER S375LMP filter media.