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We are with you on with our hepsiburada store.

We are pleased to bring you the Servo brand engine oils of our new business partner, Indian Oil Company (IOC), of which we are the sole authorized representative in Türkiye.

Servo Engine Oils are long-lasting, high-performance engine oils that comply with advanced emission norms, compatible with gasoline and diesel engines. They are highly refined high viscosity index base oils and contain additives to meet the highest performance standard for modern engines.

The product range of our store includes the following stocked products.
SERVO Futura P Plus 5W/30 API SN (4L)
SERVO Futura P Plus 5W/30 API SN (1L)
SERVO Futura P 10W/40 SN (4L)
SERVO Futura P 10W/40 SN (1L)

You can visit our store for more detailed information about the products.

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